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5 Ways to Deal With Self Loathing Thoughts

Self-loathing thoughts can be  tough to manage however, with consistency and practice you can offset  them and develop a more positive mindset.  Here are 5  strategies to deal with those thoughts: 

  1. Meditation: This practice can help to a achieve a calmer and clearer state of mind. One of the goals of meditation is to improve awareness, increase relaxation and overall well being. 
  2. Counter your negative thoughts with facts :Once you identify negative thoughts, , challenge their validity. Continue to ask yourself if there is evidence to support these thoughts or if they are based on irrational beliefs. 
  3. Journaling : Keep track of your thoughts and the reality and or outcomes. Look back and reflect on any patterns or behaviors. 
  4. Say what you would say to a friend to you yourself : At times we give the best advise for our friends yet don’t practice the same kindness on ourselves. Pour  the same positivity you give to others in to yourself.f 
  5. Identify the root cause of your thoughts : Past negative experiences  and from the past and perfectionism can shape a person’s perspective and contribute to negative thoughts

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