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When life changes, our support for you won't

Forum based community and discussions to better support your situation and ease stress.

Suddenly Sick Landing Page

Time after a diagnosis can be challenging. If you're faced with a new or old diagnosis, you may experience a wide range of emotions and challenges in your day to day.

Suddenly Sick™ is here to help you navigate all that comes with a new life by allowing you to join or create your own personalized community with others who may be experiencing the same.

We invite you to engage in a discussion in one of our forums to exchange helpful information and share strategies for coping. Our forums serve as a channel to meaningfully connect and receive encouragement from the supportive communities cultivated on this platform.

Reqeust a Forum

Don’t see the forum you’re looking for? You can request and it will be approved/made available within 24 hours as it must be reviewed and aligned with forum rules, terms and conditions and policies.