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When life changes, our support for you won't

Forum based community and discussions to better support your situation and ease stress.

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Relieve Isolation, Gain Understanding, and Find HOPE

Time after a diagnosis can be challenging. If you're faced with a new or old diagnosis, you may experience a wide range of emotions and challenges in your day to day.

Suddenly Sick™ is here to help you navigate all that comes with a new life by allowing you to join or create your own personalized community with others who may be experiencing the same.

We invite you to engage in a discussion in one of our forums to exchange helpful information and share strategies for coping. Our forums serve as a channel to meaningfully connect and receive encouragement from the supportive communities cultivated on this platform.



Anonymity and Privacy

You can speak within our secured registered users only forum or if you  may feel more comfortable discussing personal issues or sensitive topics you can privately message other users. 

Community forums is a community space for young adults who have been diagnosed with chronic illnesses, autoimmune disorders, rare diseases, chronic pain and more.

Authentic Discussion

Real life and tangible examples to help one another who are seeking information or solutions to their problems


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Discover the Impact Suddenly Sick™ Has Had on Lives Just Like Yours – A Journey of Understanding, Compassion, and Empowerment Await You.

Maria L.

“Discovering Suddenly Sick™ was a turning point for me and my family. My husband’s diagnosis left us feeling lost and overwhelmed, but this community provided the understanding and guidance we needed. The forums and blogs are full of insights and real-world advice”

James R.

“I’ve been living with a chronic condition for years, and finding Suddenly Sick™ has been a game-changer. Connecting with others who know exactly what I’m going through has been both empowering and comforting.”

Elena G.

“Being newly diagnosed was frightening, but Suddenly Sick™ has become a beacon of hope for me. The forums are filled with encouragement, and the blogs provide practical advice and understanding. This community has made me feel less isolated and more in control of my health journey.”

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Connect with a community of individuals who understand the challenges of living with chronic illnesses, rare diseases, and chronic pain. Get inspired by real stories and insights from our community. 

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With our blog you can find content with regard to various conditions along with resources.
Our goal is to educate our community and create awareness.

Mantras for December

Bad Chapters can become great stories  A bend in the road is not the end of the road  Fall Seven times, get up eight 

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Frequently Asked Question

We cover a wide range of health conditions, both chronic and acute. Whether it’s a new diagnosis, ongoing condition, or caregiving experiences, our community is here to support you.

No, joining Suddenly Sick™ is free. We believe in providing accessible support and connections to everyone who needs it.

Yes, Suddenly Sick™ supports not just those with diagnoses but also families, caregivers, and friends who want to understand and assist their loved ones.

Yes, you can participate anonymously. While genuine registration is required, you may use a pseudonym or username in the forums.

You can follow us on Instagram at @suddenly.sick . Stay connected with updates, news, and community highlights through our social media channels.

Our community thrives on positivity, resilience, and the pure joy of togetherness.

Join us, and you will discover a world where your victories become shared triumphs, your milestones transform into shared accomplishments, and your journey turns into our collective adventure.

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Don't face your journey alone

Join our forums, read our empowering blogs, and become part of a community that turns challenges into opportunities for growth and connection.

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