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Breast Cancer Self Examination

1. Visual inspection

Stand in front of a mirror without your bra and top. Arms at your sides, relaxed, then with your arms raised over your head, and then again with your arms placed on your hips. Observe for any changes in your breasts, such as redness, pitting, dimpling, pitting, nipple inversion or swelling.

2. Physical inspection

Using your right hand to examine your left breast for lumps, thickened areas and other changes. Using the pads of your three middle fingers, press on every part of your breast and underarm area and use a circular motion from light to firm pressure. Gently squeeze your nipple to check for discharge. Repeat with the left hand and right breast.

3. Manual inspection while lying down

While lying down, place a pillow under your left shoulder with your left hand behind your head. Use your right hand to examine your left breast using the steps outline above in step 2. Next, position the pillow under your right shoulder, put your right hand behind your head and use your left hand to manually examine your right breast using the same techniques.

If you discover any changes in your breast, are concerned about any lumps please schedule an appointment with your doctor. Self examinations are not to diagnose but to screen, remain vigilant and proactive with your health. Please review self examination steps with your medical provider to ensure you are examining yourself correctly.

This blog post serves as a guide/educational tool not to replace medical advice or appointments with your medical provider.

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